Nicaragua Day 1: Arrival

Its great to finally walk out into 80 degree temperatures and its wonderful to feel the humidity in the air, sticking to your skin (maybe I should explain - I'm from tropical Singapore). Three hours into arriving at Nicaragua, I can say its been good so far. Uneventful, actually, which comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise after what all my friends have warned me about. Backpacking alone in a country like Nicaragua for 34 nights sounded like a recipe for kidnapping, organ theft or robbery to almost about anyone I shared my travel plans with.

I've checked into a nice hostel called Hospedaje La Libertad in the city of Granada (I chose to bypass the capital Managua and head straight to this city). Its only US$5 a night for a dorm bed, and though my vision might be slightly impaired by the darkness, it looks gorgeous so far. There's a bar next to a central courtyard surrounded by plenty of hammocks and rocking chairs for travellers to chill. Lovely bright colorful tiles, thatched roofs, leafy shrubs and free wifi complete the deal. And so, I sit here on my first night in Nicaragua, a tasty empanada in my tummy, fresh after a refreshing shower, content and at peace with the world.