Cooking Outdoors

So I went to REI, and came back with a $59 personal titanium pot.

Yes, I admit I can go crazy at REI sometimes. 

It's amazingly light, but I haven't had the chance to bring it on a backpacking trip yet, so it's greatest selling point hasn't been proven just yet.  Anyway, I've been having a ton of fun cooking with this pot.

Last weekend I was out camping at the Beckler River Campground, and I made myself a hearty breakfast of steel cut oats cooked with almonds, cashews and chocolate.

Sounds fancy, but it was literally just a pot of boiling water, large spoonfuls of raw oats, and a packet of Trek Mix from Trader Joe's tossed into the pot for good measure.

Best breakfast ever.

Pictured: Oats and nuts to fortify me for another glorious day ahead outdoors