Arizona Hot Springs

Las Vegas may be known for its debauchery, but it's actually right-smack in the center of some of the most stunning desert terrain in the country.

Drive 45 minutes east of the Strip and cross over into Arizona, where a rewarding 6-mile roundtrip hike to a hot spring awaits.

The terrain starts off flat and open, but you'll soon descend into a canyon.

The hot springs actually consists of three pools, dammed up by sandbags. The pool closest to the source is the hottest. It's pretty amazing to be soaking in a natural hot tub deep inside a desert canyon.

When you're done enjoying the hot springs and want to head back, you can either turn around where you came from, or wade through the thigh-deep water with your stuff to the other side. Towel dry and climb down this cool ladder:

Emerge from the canyon and enjoy views of the Colorado River before heading back on another trail: