Eurotrip Day 58 – 59: Sunny Skies Continue

Life is great when the skies are sunny. It’s been like that for as long as I’ve left the UK, and even in Paris, just across the English Channel, the great weather continues.

There's been perhaps less than 5 instances of rain in the past 40 days. The rest of the time, it's warm, sunny and nice. One of the things travelling makes you aware of is the weather. Because you’re out all day, you’re at the mercy of the skies. If it rains, you're pretty much sloshing through water in cold, damp conditions. You’ll want to head indoors to museums and shopping malls. But when the sun is shining and it's no longer freezing, you'll want to head outdoors. I treasure sunlight. I love it. I don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the gigantic (and I’m sure equally terrific, just that I’m not in the museum mood at all) Louvre for the entire day while everyone else is lying on the grass under the sunshine. I want to be out there, on the lawn, with a bottle of orange juice, a sandwich and some pain au chocolats, eating, relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous Parisian spring.

I’ve been doing that so much that it's in danger of becoming a routine. If you’ve been reading my blog, I guess you’ve noticed that I’ve somehow managed to spend 1 week in Paris hopping from park to park and enjoying the sunshine in places off-the-beaten-track where locals outnumber tourists.

And enjoying it too, I must add. Which is why I continued doing that for the past two days.

My 2nd couchsurfing stay in Paris was great. I crashed with an Australian guy who gave up his life back in Perth to go around Europe for a year. He has a nice apartment in a cheap neighbourhood, but one evening he locked himself out by mistake and in retrospect, I guess this turned out to be one of the more memorable couchsurfing experiences because we went around all worried and considered all possible scenarios (including breaking into his house) before finally managing to contact the landlady to give us the spare key.

Another memorable experience through couchsurfing: my third host in Paris brought me to his friend’s in the suburbs one night and we somehow ended up entering the mansion of a Saudi Arabian prince that was still under construction. We climbed up the scaffolding and clamoured up huge piles of sand, and, drink in hand, gazed at the stars from what felt like the top of the world.

Besides getting a lot of sun, I’ve also enjoyed sunset walks by the River Seine and each time, I’m always amazed. Paris is too beautiful. Ahhhhhhh… I’m not even done with this city yet (1 more week to go) but already I’m thinking when I can come back again.