Eurotrip Day 51: I Don’t Want To Leave

Portugal is my favourite country so far. Ok, so I’ve only been to 3 countries in Europe, and because the UK pretty much sucked in winter, the only other competitor is Spain, but still… I really loved it here in Portugal. It ranks together with Japan as my #1 favourite country.

Bright sunshine again. So many places I haven’t seen yet. But it was my last day in Portugal and I knew where I wanted to be – the beach.

And off I went, in T-shirt, shorts and slippers…

Spent the whole day lying on the sand, getting some sun, having coffee on the beach-facing terrace, sitting on benches along the boardwalk, getting more sun, listening to music, and doing nothing. It feels so refreshing to do nothing… not even reading a book, but just listening to music.

And somehow time flew past. Before I knew it, it began to get a little windy and chilly, and it was time to head back.

Dinner was very memorable. Joao did bacalhau (it was 1 of the 1000s of ways to cook codfish, but I forgot what it was already) and invited his friend Nuno over and we had a very nice meal and a great session afterwards watching stupid youtube videos and drinking beer…

And then it was all over. Last day in Portugal, last night in Portugal. The next day I’d be heading to Paris, a land of apparently-arrogant French people, cold weather and exorbitant prices. I felt a little sad to be saying goodbye to Portugal, but you know what? I’ll definitely be back again. That I’m sure of.