Eurotrip: Rainy England

Have been in the UK for a week already and it's been pouring every single day. Except today. For once mother nature decided to grant me a cloudless, pretty blue sky.

In a cafe in Oxford now and attempting to recall the highlights of the past week.

21st Feb 2010: Took AirAsiaX to London, changing planes at KL. For the dirt cheap fares, it really isn’t too bad. Spent a third of the trip talking to a Malaysian about what the heck is wrong with Malaysia. We both had many opinions in common.

22nd Feb 2010: On the first full day in London, did the touristy stuff and chatted with random travellers in the hostel. Visiting the Houses of Parliament was particularly memorable, as well as tons of other old ancient monuments and buildings.

23rd Feb 2010: Met Alex, my couchsurfing host in London. He hosted me for 5 nights. Really chill and friendly guy who shares a common interest in all things Japanese. Enjoyed myself staying at his place, going to weird places and getting to know his friends.

24th Feb 2010: Cooked curry chicken for lunch (it tasted good I think, Alex seemed to enjoy it), went to Camden Town, then a Japanese movie screening in the evening and drinks after.

25th Feb 2010: Lots of touristy stuff, like London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, blah blah blah. Language exchange with Alex’s Japanese friend and her friend at night. Am terrible at Japanese and need to improve!

26th Feb 2010: Fascinating London Transport Museum satisfied my interest in the Tube. Interesting night including a party in a damn cool building that was slated for destruction but occupied by students to prevent it from happening.

27th Feb 2010: Brief stop at Oxford Circus, Chinatown (which is quite a Singapore town), Portobello Road Market, cooked curry rice with Alex and had some interesting conversations.

28th Feb 2010: Cambridge. Met Shir Li and had lunch at a place called Zizzi’s. Went into many of the colleges without paying. Breathtaking old college scenery.